Fall Academic Schedule

18th of November 2019 – Introduction to the culture of YIF

25th of November 2019 – Session on Alternative fuel sources for vehicles

2nd of December 2019 – Misinformation in the Modern Age

9th of December 2019 – Artificial Intelligence: Current state and Implications

16th of December 2019 – Gene Therapy

23rd of December 2019 – Blockchain Panel, Ms. Eve Guterman

30th of December 2019 – What is Art?

6th of January 2020 – Project and Startup Showcasing

13th of January 2020 – International Law with Ms. Marlene Mazel

15th of January 2020 – American-Iranian Confrontation with Prof. Meir Litvak

20th of January 2020 – Sustainable Development with Dr. Ram Fishman and the RAMTHAL Lab

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