About YIF

YIF offers a wide range of products and services that all help different parties, such as but not limited to:

  • For Members of YIF: Encouraging and inspiring students, Academically-oriented Education, and promoting research of international problems, Official addition to Curriculum Vitae with a certification of completion, Presenting workshops on crucial elements of academic research, Training certain skills; such as, but not restricted to: academic writing, public speaking, creative outlook, critical reasoning and problem-solving, Improving communication across various academic disciplines, Socialising environment under shared passions and interests;
  • For Symposium Speakers: Promotion of  “Personal Brand” as well as exposure within Academia, Encouraging an autodidact approach to learning together throughout Symposium discussions, Recruiting students as potential research assistants (for said speakers);
  • For Tel Aviv University: A platform for showcasing innovation and research for Communities Around the World, Extension of already-existing massive research output of the University, Improving the public image of Tel Aviv University;
  • For Communities, both local and global: Encourage diverse academic research focused on solutions to such challenges, Support and endorse projects that encourage innovation in the field.
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